While it is possible for any publicity campaign to fall flat, the right story told at the right time in the right way can bring powerful and valuable attention to your business far in excess of what you spend to develop it.

We believe this more than ever because the media universe isn't what it used to be. There are more cable channels, more radio channels, more magazines, and infinitely more Web sites, blogs, and other online avenues than any of us could have imagined a decade ago. At the same time, journalists are being forced to get along with fewer resources. So there is more content to fill with less time to do it and if there is one thing that news organisations hate - it's a news vacuum. This presents a golden opportunity for your small business good news story.

We believe creativity is the key. We pride ourselves on working hard to understand the detail of your business to unearth what will really attract the attention of the public and make an easy sell to journalists. It could be an interesting fact about the person behind the business, a new market which your type of product has never reached before, something unique you are doing in tough economic times or a radical new CSR initiative that larger businesses should be copying.

"Apollo got us in front of the trade press we were looking for"

Emi Gal

CEO of Brainient


Warning for social media companies


Another day, another UK Commons home affairs select committee report, this latest one strongly criticizing social media companies

A splutter at Twitter as ad revenues fall away


News this week that revenue at social media behemoth Twitter had fallen for the first time ever, was a true spill-your-coffee moment.

Vice on View


First a youth-focused print magazine and website, majoring on arts, culture, and news topics, then a media conglomerate



With 120 million monthly uniques, Washington-based news website Vox is a powerful voice in the new media landscape