Science and Tech

The influence of tech cuts across almost every sector and area of innovation: from finance, academia and genetics to the environment, distance learning and military hardware. Whether you are a tech firm, a scientific institution or in a related line of business, a tech story can be a very effective way to get attention and build a public profile.

Tech media is growing and developing in parallel with the fast pace of technological advancement. Media outlets have increasing numbers of technology staff, and tech stories now dominate the news as they are given greater prominence. Consequently, opportunities are now plentiful for companies involved in tech to get their message across to the wider public.

The challenge in the current space is to cut through the myriad competing ideas and stories out there, and show how your project is different and fresh. It’s more important than ever to build a story that will bring you to the attention of the right people, building name recognition where it matters. Apollo are well placed to help you develop the right narrative and find the right mouthpiece for your project, from targeted, sector-based outlets to high-profile, mainstream publications and elite media that will be read by business leaders.


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