Given the many urgent challenges facing the world today that need attention and resources, it is more important than ever for modern philanthropists to be able to cut through a crowded media space and to draw attention to the causes they support.

That’s why today’s philanthropists increasingly see the benefits of moving away from the impersonality of a corporate image in favour of building a recognisable and accessible personal profile, which often publicises their work and its objectives much more effectively. Whether your aim is to secure funding or disburse it, our goal is to assist you in developing your global media profile, situating your ideas and achievements within a big-picture narrative that makes you a locus of development and thought leadership.

With a proven track record of providing a personalised service to high-net-worth individuals, we help you contribute to the debate in your area of interest, while navigating the potential pitfalls of increased public attention that philanthropy can sometimes attract. Apollo believe that you should be able to influence debates and partner with other organisations without getting caught up in their currents, and we are able to bring our expertise in publicising global issues to help you achieve this.

We are also able to give you in-depth training and preparation for media appearances and interviews so you can focus on your interests and show that your initiatives are not only effective and efficient but also inspiring. And we deploy a variety of traditional and non-traditional media to ensure that your message gets the widest possible exposure and uptake.


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