NGOs and Foundations

The work of NGOs in developing innovative solutions to long-standing problems like disease, poor education and inequality has the potential to be hugely impactful when effectively and widely publicised, ultimately attracting investment and changing public policy.

Nevertheless, publicising the sector requires great care and knowledge of the wider political issues at stake. Increasingly, international NGOs are seeing politically motivated restrictions on their spending and activities, as well as resistance from foreign governments over permissions, access and controls. This means that public perception of a given NGO becomes a very important factor in its success.

More generally, NGO activity has become more competitive, and a crowded media space means that you need a distinctive way to cut through and get attention for your organisation or programme. NGOs are also increasingly a target of cynicism, while underperformance or corporate issues within a charity can place it under heavy political, legal and media scrutiny.

Your publicity must therefore be dynamic and impactful, but also socially and politically sensitive – which requires a creative approach. A high-profile news story can be immensely powerful. These stories – particularly when combined with other angles such as tech innovation or geopolitical changes (sensitively handled) – can have a huge impact, changing public policy and facilitating fundraising at the highest levels. Whether you need to get exposure in elite media worldwide, or require communications support when faced with a difficult international scenario, Apollo has the expertise to help. 

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Sheetal M Mehta

Founder of Shanti Microfinance


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