Governments have a wide range of reasons to seek PR advice. You might have special needs in promoting a particular sector of your economy, the tourist industry, a trade mission to another country, or even a programme or policy that might alter diplomatic relations with neighbours. However, the challenges of government publicity are manifold so you need a PR firm with an understanding of the complexities involved and a proven track record in handling them.

Apollo is well placed to help you do this effectively. Our London base puts us at the epicenter of elite English speaking media that has resonance across the world, such as the BBC, FT, The Economist and The Guardian. Being positioned in the right way in such outlets can play a powerful and lasting role in defining the brand of your country.

Our experience is vast: many of our account handlers have worked as press advisors for senior government ministers, and have travelled on international and regional tours with to highlight major government initiatives on subjects ranging from trade and investment to climate change.

With an international network spread across every continent, we can also get your message to the right audience globally. Also, our work on international prizes and conferences gives us connections to some of the world’s leading opinion-makers and policy experts.

"Apollo have raised the profile of our work to a whole new level"

Derek Goodwin

Deputy Director of Investment at UKTI


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