Construction and Engineering

Construction connects in some way to virtually every aspect of life: it has a key impact on the economy, creating growth and jobs, but also affects the housing market, which is one of the most controversial of all policy areas. Moreover, the construction and infrastructure projects now underway will affect how we live in the future, how our cities work and what levels of spending are necessary to maintain a working public realm.

For these reasons, there are many opportunities for companies involved in construction, engineering or infrastructure projects to get their message into the public field and frame the debates about their work. The breadth of the sector is enormous, and it covers everything from building affordable housing to designing a luxury hotel room, a sustainable water filtration plant or a mile-long bridge. It’s not just about trade media or new building projects: your company’s image and influence can be transformed by linking your work with other elements in the public sphere such as social policy, tech, architectural innovation, positive environmental impact/energy issues and even humanitarian projects.

Companies in these sectors often find that they need a PR firm that can provide advice not only on how to generate media coverage that achieves their objectives but also on how to negotiate the complexities of being involved in such a high-profile industry. In global centres such as London, there are many pitfalls to take account of, such as affordable housing, safety issues, overseas buyers, labour policies, greenbelt protection and environmental impacts. The importance of taking the initiative and framing the debate around contested projects makes PR a very important part of your overall corporate strategy. Apollo’s experience of handling presentational issues will help you make the most of your media exposure. 


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