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Apollo is a strategic communications agency that helps elite companies, organisations and individuals engage with their target audience.

We believe that being 'plugged in' is now the only way to offer real communications advice in a landscape which is constantly shifting under our feet.

That is why we only hire experienced former journalists, ministerial advisers who have dealt with political crises, social media pioneers and branding specialists who have rejuvenated household names.

In an industry where jargon rules our people have won a reputation for giving clear, honest and expert advice.

We're good news, seriously

"If Apollo promises you something, they will deliver"

Lord Digby Jones


Digital - friend or foe?


As print newspaper sales and associated ad revenues inexorably decline in much of the west, the media industry has for some years put its hope for the future in digital.

Warning for social media companies


Another day, another UK Commons home affairs select committee report, this latest one strongly criticizing social media companies

A splutter at Twitter as ad revenues fall away


News this week that revenue at social media behemoth Twitter had fallen for the first time ever, was a true spill-your-coffee moment.



With 120 million monthly uniques, Washington-based news website Vox is a powerful voice in the new media landscape